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Girl with horse.

Girl with horse.
I was like this girl. Long ago. On an Arkansas Ozark mountain, far, far away.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Do hearts still pump when the body is decapitated?

Oh, the gruesome things writers get into, all in the name of research. After reading one of my scenes, my husband asked: "Do hearts really keep beating after the head is removed?"

"They do in the movies."
"And the movies are so accurate."
"Point taken." I write it down as another fact to check.

It is incredibly hard to find out whether or not hearts continue beating after the body is decapitated. At this point, I have only found an old historical reference to a heart beating after capitation, but it was ridiculous. A heart kept beating an hour after decapitation? With what blood flow? Wouldn't lack of blood pressure cause the heart to cease long before then?

I'll get back with you on this newsflash...does the heart, or does the heart NOT continue to beat after decapitation? Stay tuned!