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Girl with horse.

Girl with horse.
I was like this girl. Long ago. On an Arkansas Ozark mountain, far, far away.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bicycling with Dogs.

This morning I popped a front wheelie on my bicycle like a freaking professional! Not on purpose. Had my German Shepherd Arwin out biking with me on the leash. When she put on the brakes to do a dump on the pavement, I hit the front brake too hard and whoa! Rear wheel popped nearly straight up. Bucking horse habits from my horse breaking days came to my rescue: I stiffened, pushed back on the handle bars, leaned back and avoided a faceplant into the pavement. Rear wheel thumped back to the ground. Arwin finished her dump with a guilty cringe. 

 She does this almost every time we bike, no matter how I try to prevent it. "Go outside" before we leave the house. Check. Stop about where she's done it before. Check. Stop at the empty lot a little further along. Check. No, she absolutely must poop while running.

 If she wasn't a dog, I'd think she'd taken life insurance out on me and was trying to kill me.

My husband's dog,Vinetta von Karthago, on the other hand, was a complete lady. She stayed in the sweet spot to my right like a particularly skilled dancing partner. She gave me a glance out of her lovely eyes that said "I need to go pee, please." We pulled over to an empty lot and she did her thing.

Two small dogs busted out of their yards and yapped after us. Vinetta, female dominant German Shepherd Dog that she is, ruffed her shoulders and rear with fury. I wouldn't let her stop and bite the two ragamuffins chasing us, a small dog in two pieces isn't a pretty thing. She obeyed her alpha and continued trotting, but was so very peeved at me she wouldn't even look at me when I praised her for obeying.

I think a breakfast of chicken thighs and beef liver made both of them feel better about life.

What do you feed your dogs?
Do you ever take your dogs biking or running?